One Response to “Apple iPad Used With Enterprise Software Means Better Timekeeping, Better User Adoption, and a Lot Less Paper”

  1. Bill French says:


    Great article. Indeed, the medical and healthcare industries are definitely heading in the paperless direction, and slowly. However, it seems to be so slow that you could get rear-ended by a glacier if you align your strategy on this axis alone.

    While there’s no argument that tablets – perhaps iPad – are a perfect fit for the medical community, there are significant opportunities in finance, manufacturing, and transportation. In fact, any industry where people who stand and walk around and need access to information, or produce information, will find iPad useful.

    iPad is not that different from other tablet products from the perspective of enterprise apps, but imagine apps that pair iPhone with iPad. I think this is one area where huge differentiators can be created. Imagine applications that leverage the benefits of each device to formulate a unified solution that addresses requirements that are not fully met by either device.

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